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Back to School

Heading back to school today.  This week totally flew by, I can't believe it's almost over...

Another thing I can't believe is that in about 2 months, I'll be done with my first YEAR of school.  I was talking to Amanda Smith and we were like, how are we done with our first year of college?  It's absolutely crazy, I can't believe it.  In 3 years, I'll be "an adult"  it's crazy.

I've been trying to get my parents to recycle more.  We don't have a bin...or at least not one that's easily accessible, but I've been becoming more knowledgable about environmental conditions and what we can do to stop being so wasteful.  It really is a shame how wasteful we really are.  And the high school too.  They really need to institute a program to start recycling.  Kids drink so much and they should recycle the cans and bottles.  One can produces enough energy to fuel 3 hours of TV.  And we just throw it away.  I'm guilty of it too, so I should be saying anything.

I reallllly can't wait for spring.  I want to start my garden and for the vegetables and such to grow.  I think I'm going to try to start cooking more.  I want to learn so when I'm on my own, I can actually cook stuff thats not out of a box lol.

Anyways...I'm gonna leave it short.  I hate reading long entries.

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