iheartyoga (iheartyoga) wrote,

Quite Some Time

I haven't made an update in quite a while.

Nothing of any real excitement has been going on in my life.  
I've been working A LOT and now and then trying to hang out with my friends but it's reallllly hard.

I work at the camp 8:30-5.
I absolutely love it.  I'm working with nine year olds.  They're a lot of fun, they absolutely love camp.  We have a few kids which are MAJOR problems but it's really no big.
One or two days a week, I'm also working at Sears my fav.  Ugh I hate it.  But it's definitely worth it when I get money.

I'm pretty excited or the rest of the summer.  
I'm hopefully ::crosses fingers:: and going to Montreal for a weekend trip with a few people from school.  
I'm also going to Maine with my family for four-five days.
And lastly I think I'm camping with my best friends from school in Maine.  I'm not sure yet.

I suppose this is enough seeing as I haven't updated in quite a while

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